THE professional survey software

questfox® is the leading professional software for surveys on all devices and channels. Show your customers what they want to see in a high-quality design. Used by market experts, managers, website operators, researchers and many for whom a successful interaction with their important target groups is important.

For corporates

questfox® offers complete solutions for the company to carry out its own studies. It is no longer necessary to call in external support for this. questfox® offers a package of survey templates which can be adapted as required.

For market researchers

questfox® offers market researchers a powerful tool that leaves nothing to be desired in professional market research. A sophisticated set of methods is supported by wizards and enables complex questionnaire structures to be created at the click of a mouse.

For consultants

questfox® can be implemented as a white label solution in consultation with your own survey concepts. That is why questfox® puts consultants in the optimal position to implement extensive studies with the highest efficiency and tailor-made design on behalf of customers.


Creating a questionnaire is a craft. With questfox it is no longer an art to create a questionnaire.


Professional response management on all channels. Communication takes place via all available digital channels. Controlling takes place in questfox.


Our Living Report is an online dashboard blog and creates clear reports before the first interview.

Voice recognition in market research

Background Speech2Text

The first tests with Talk2Me and a live conversion of spoken to written text shocked some test users. To avoid this effect, a variant was implemented in which this conversion takes place in the background. Here the interview partner does not see the conversion process. The user has the feeling of speaking into a microphone, but the conversion takes place automatically without his input. Any detection errors can no longer be corrected.

Talk 2 Me

This new type of question translates spoken language directly into text. The user can then adjust and correct the text. The recording can also be activated several times within this question in order to record longer thoughts in verbal sections. The user has full control over the data, which is only sent to the survey software after confirmation.

Audio Recorder

Catch the voice of the customer. The audio recorder records spoken language and allows you to listen to the language later. This type of question is suitable for quotes from consumers.


Simple, professional questionnaires

Questionnaires with questfox are easy. New users have a quick sense of achievement.
Experts appreciate the unbelievable wealth of setting options for professional market research.

Design and Branding

Create your surveys in your individual corporate design, adjust scales, sliders, images, logos, layout, URLs and colors. Enable your customers to experience your brand in a customer survey. Merge these with your customer journey.

Actions and Triggers

Automatically send emails, calculations, results, codes and data through URL and more. Create an alert to notify you.

questlogix – logics, jumps, branches

Create highly interactive and customized surveys. Should only customers with specific characteristics be asked specific questions? No problem. With questfox you master logics, jumps, branches and individualized questions.

Communikation and PM

Invite colleagues, create project spaces, assign rights to users, use a market research collaboration tool. Automatically inform all stakeholders of a project.


Question in app

Survey your customers in your company’s own app. Thanks to the latest technology, questfox can be integrated into every app. If you don’t have an app, use the questfox app!

Survey with Beacon Technology!

Would you like to interview your customers in-store? The customer approaches a beacon and your survey automatically appears on their smartphone. Interested? Request a demo!

Quota Management and Control

questfox quota control is also suitable for the most complex requirements and individual communication interactions. questfox masters all forms of interaction in response management.

Invite across all channels

Survey on all channels – email invitations, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social media. Embed surveys directly on your website: iframe, pop-up, intercept or JS.

Actions and Triggers

Automatically send emails, calculations, results, codes and data through URL and more. Create an alert to notify you.

E-mail and Link Invitations

Use your own shipping accounts, upload shipping addresses, monitor the status of mails, unique links, default links, secure links, short links, branded subdomain links, private domain links.

CRM connections and APIs


Simply create professional reports

Create the evaluation of your questionnaire with just a few clicks. Various graphics and charts are available. Evaluations are possible from the first survey.

Branding and Design

Design the colors, background, logos and images of your Living Report completely individually in your desired design. Bring the strength of your brand into your report!

Data Analysis

Automatic evaluations, real-time updates, profile recognition: comparison of individual answers to all answers, cross tab analyzes with horizontal and vertical percentages and indices, cross study analyzes, automatic text evaluations *, several evaluations for a study and much more.

Live Report und Presentation

An evaluation with questox is alive! It can be created before the start of the survey and lives from the first respondent. It can be presented live from the evaluation! Save yourself the time to slide PowerPoint slides.

Report Sharing

Invite colleagues and superiors, assign rights to users, share your report on social media, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more. Present live from the report without using PowerPoint!

Schedueled Reports

Control the intervals of your live report. Inform all stakeholders of a study via e-mail or Living Report. Show results online and without delay!


Export the live report to
– Powerpoint*

Security and Data Protection

Secure your reports with passwords or only give certain users access to them. We take data protection very seriously. Your data is safe with us. Redundant, scalable systems and firewalls make questfox a well-protected tool.


Mobile first on all devices

40% of all respondents nowadays take part on mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets. Many survey software cannot cope with this trend – for them “optimized for mobile devices” simply means reducing the size of the content. This leads to poor usability and annoyed end users who take part in such surveys.
questfox is device agnostic and was developed to run on all devices. Whether smartphone, tablet or SmartTV – questfox projects look good everywhere!

Customer Journey in App, onPage and InStore

How often do you get feedback from your end user about your products or services? Often during a survey. The response and of course the motivation to participate in a survey is supported by the appealing design. Nevertheless, 80% of all market research studies across Germany look uninteresting.
Use the time of the survey and playfully guide the participant through the survey. With questfox projects you can clearly communicate the value of your company and your products. Our common goal is to take the respondent on a journey into the online world and to filter his opinion through the methodology integrated in questfox.

Seamless integration – InApp / InPage

Do you have an app and would you like to interview your customers there? Do you have a website and want to gather information about your customers there?
questfox projects are seamlessly integrated everywhere and can be designed in your corporate design. This enables your survey participants to have a flawless user experience in a great design. Don’t have an app yet? No problem, use the questfox app and let your surveys run there in the desired layout.

Scientific methods – better results with AHP

Would you like to increase quality with a survey and reduce costs at the same time? Actually impossible, but it works with questfox!
With questfox, higher quality surveys can be carried out than one is used to from previous market research. Sophisticated “Decision Support” methods from decision-making theory are presented in a way that is easy to understand and easy to integrate. Perhaps you know the case: In surveys, customers give around 80% as an answer and do not allow any real conclusions to be drawn. With the question type “semantic DIfferential” you can find out what your customer really means. The real preferences in sequence become visible.

“questfox revolutionizes measurement. The methods allow us to achieve big results with small samples.“
“questfox enables us to quickly implement professional surveys. Many thousands of participants thank us for this with the highest quality of answers and the lowest dropout rates.”

„questfox expands our research with incredible technologies. A multilingual study of sampling on mobile devices in South Africa, Europe and Australia in days. The evaluation almost in seconds.“

„This software can make the most complex things very easy for respondents. The extreme calculation functionalities save us a lot of work. The Instant Report makes life a lot easier for everyone involved.“

„questfox is the lightsaber for market research. Everything goes with that.“

„Have never heard of that fantastic tool!“